How do I give feedback?

Bishop Paul is looking forward to hearing from you. There is an online feedback form available via the link on this page. We encourage you to take time to pray and reflect before filling out this form. Paper copies are also available from parish offices. The feedback process is now open

Is this a proposal or is it set in stone?

Bishop Paul is 100% committed to receiving your feedback on this proposal. It is a proposal only . Yes there have been a number of feasibility studies to see what is possible but this was to enable the proposal to be put forward. Nothing is set in stone.

Bishop Paul is looking forward to hearing from you.

What happens to all the feedback?

The feedback process closes August 30, 2019. Following this date Bishop Paul and his advisers will review and study the feedback. Once the review is complete Bishop Paul will respond. on 1 December, 2019

This feedback is being collected by the ‘Our Faith, Our Future’ team. This data will assist Bishop Paul and his advisers in planning for the future of the diocese.

All information received will be kept confidential and questionnaire responses will only be viewed by the “Our Faith, Our Future” team. The results will be collated into a report/reports which may include direct comments from the questionnaire, but will not be linked to any personal information. All information gathered will be stored according to the Diocesan Privacy Policy. Click here for further details.